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Tyler and Parker Thompson arrived on June 23, 2008 at only 26 weeks and 4 days old, weighing 1 pound 6 ounces (Parker) and 1 pound 10 ounces (Tyler). Parker spent 129 days (home 10/30/08) in the NICU, while brother Tyler spent 143 (home 11/13/08). We are thrilled to have our family complete with both boys home!

This blog was created by John (the daddy) to inform family and friends (and now new acquaintances) of the twins progression. Below is the blog archive dating back to the week Heather (the mommy) was admitted to the hospital. We try to post weekly updates, but on occasion the week gets the best of us.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, we had a tough day in the Thompson - Koala Room. John and I expected the boys to be a little under the weather from their immunizations, but of course we should have known that NOTHING goes how it's expected in the NICU. Parker had his immunization shots this afternoon and was irritated, but actually needed less oxygen than yesterday. So we're thinking the blood transfusion, new breathing tube and diuretic may have helped. The nurse thinks he's also still trying to recover from the eye exam and re-intubation he had yesterday. Bottom line...Parker was pooped, but still looking good!
Tyler was another story. He hadn't received his immunization shots when we arrived this afternoon because he was getting a last minute blood transfusion. With Tyler looking a little pale and requiring more oxygen than "normal", the doctor decided to boost his system with some blood. He may get his immunizations either tonight sometime or even tomorrow depending on his progress. Overall he looked pretty tuckered out and very pale. We're hoping the blood will work some magic and improve his oxygen and pressure requirements. Only time will tell...like everything else in this journey.
On a scary note, the boys head ultrasound results came back with concern. The doctor said Tyler was showing a mild, grade 1 (lowest range) hemorrhage cyst in a part of his brain. It will hopefully resolve itself, but they will need to keep an eye on it. If the doctor HAD to pick a part of the brain to have a hemorrhage, he said this would be the best for the LEAST amount of impact. Parker's results were a little more worrisome. Parker's brain has "concerning" spots that could be damaged, but there is no confirmed diagnosis of neurological damage at this time. An ultrasound will be taken in a couple of weeks and the spots will be compared to see if there is growth in these "concerning" areas. We were assured that these are common side effects of micro preemies, but it doesn't make it a better pill to swallow. Yes, our hearts sank as we now have new worries to consume us. This is a part of parenting that becomes terrifying...the unknown future of your child and the potential impact on your family.
I'm sorry...this becomes easier when?

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Natalia said...

Parenting, the very hardest job in the world! You are both so strong. I have always looked up to parents. How do you do it??? These little guys got the very best parents! Whatever the outcome, and I know they will be fine, you two can handle it. Love, Love, Love, Natalia