Welcome to Tyler and Parker Thompson's Blog

Tyler and Parker Thompson arrived on June 23, 2008 at only 26 weeks and 4 days old, weighing 1 pound 6 ounces (Parker) and 1 pound 10 ounces (Tyler). Parker spent 129 days (home 10/30/08) in the NICU, while brother Tyler spent 143 (home 11/13/08). We are thrilled to have our family complete with both boys home!

This blog was created by John (the daddy) to inform family and friends (and now new acquaintances) of the twins progression. Below is the blog archive dating back to the week Heather (the mommy) was admitted to the hospital. We try to post weekly updates, but on occasion the week gets the best of us.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Daddy, Parker and Tyler on Thanksgiving - the boys did start out with darling matching outfits...but that never lasts (as you can see)!

Thanksgiving in the Thompson household was pretty mellow this year. With our "partying" family in India, we enjoyed a low key celebration. Luckily Grandma Thompson, Auntie Kristen and Uncle Bob came for a quick visit and the boys got some quality Thompson cuddle time. Then Grammie Schrupp came with a entire turkey dinner in hand - yummo! If only we could have blended it into a liquid for the boys!

Food and eating seems to be an ongoing challenge with the boys. They continue to give us a run for our money when trying to keep the minimum number of cc's in their systems. We've settled on two different specialty formulas each of them is requiring and have regretfully conceded that they will not be going back to my breast milk. Boo hooo hoooo! In our attempt to wean the boys from NICU nipples, we've tried a number of Playtex brands, only to go back to our original models. These boys do not like change! Ha ha! Gratefully Tyler's feedings have improved and with luck he'll show a weight gain tomorrow when we visit the doctor. Our Friday appointment was re-scheduled because the office was closed for the holiday. Tomorrow will bring a weight check for Tyler and hopefully news that we don't have to return until the next RSV shot!

Besides their challenged feeding abilities and continual reflux, they are just the best babies ever. They are getting used to their mommy and daddy's laps and are starting to complain when we are apart. Quite adorable, but I predict mayhem in our future - ha ha! Mommy kisses the boys over and over and over again and they sometimes get irritated with her, but she doesn't care.

Overall, we are just so thankful for our two little miracles - that made this first Thanksgiving the BEST!

Okay, so I HAD to put up a couple pics of John on his trip to Texas Stadium where he witnessed the brutal 49er beating. Here he is with his traveling buddies after the game.

excuse me...
are you somewhere you're not supposed to be?

Monday, November 24, 2008

While Daddy's Away...

Can't tell the boys apart, just look at their darling Pooh and Tigger outfits sporting their names!

Mr. Tyler is doing MUCH better than last week's hospital scare. With this specialized formula, his feedings increased greatly and weight gained appropriately. We have another visit to the doctor on Friday and should all go well, we don't need to return for a month. Yippee!

Friday the boys received their RSV shots - ouchie! They were such troopers...they only cried for a second and then got over it. I think it's the only good thing about being in the NICU - a shot is not a big deal compared to the daily poking and prodding they were getting in the hospital. What good boys!

Hey Parky Pooh!

Cousin Jillian came from Oregon to visit and help with the boys while daddy was in Dallas at the Cowboys game. What a fabulous help she's been and the boys LOVE her!

Thank goodness we are allowed to take walks outside! Here's a pic of the boys FIRST walk with their friends - Campo twins, Sam and Logan and Sammie Peck. This was so perfect because our friends met us outside with their loved ones in prospective strollers and we walked through the neighborhood. Beautiful day, awesome company, and fabulous exercise - all GOOD things!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doctors, Doctors and More Doctors

What a week for visiting doctors! EVERY day is another visit - yes, I said daily and meant daily. Unfortunately our Lovie Tyler decided that he didn't want to eat and started losing weight. We tried everything...nipples, formula, our hold, feeding times, etc. - nothing helped him drink more. When we visited the Pulmonologist on Tuesday the doctor was ready to send us back to the hospital to insert a feeding tube! Holy...! On Wednesday we had a "weight check" with our Pediatrician and found that Tyler lost weight again. As we were chatted with the doctor about our problem getting Tyler to eat, he started fussing like he was hungry. I pulled out a bottle of formula we'd gotten in the NICU (a special kind of formula not available in stores) and started feeding him. That little guy drank the ENTIRE bottle right in front of the doctor (show off). The doctor told us that we could continue trying to get him to take his feeds this week but if he didn't improve we'd have to go back to the hospital. We were on mission "Do Anything To Feed Tyler"! Seeing how easily he drank the formula, we pulled out the remaining "stash" and fed him from that. He drank EVERY bottle without fuss - we couldn't believe it! John immediately went on a quest to find out how to purchase this formula. Low and behold we found it on-line and purchased 3 cases of VERY costly formula. So now we have to two boys on specialty formulas - they are eating better than us right now! Ha ha!

Whew...take a breath because today Tyler gained a BUNCH of weight and keeps eating more and more each time. WAY TO GO BUDDY - someone didn't want to go back to the NICU! We were soooo very stressed over this entire ordeal!

Pulmonology didn't make any changes to Parker's oxygen, he'll remain on 1/8 liter of oxygen, but did discontinue one of his medications (yippee, only 3 medications to track for Parker). Tyler is another story (see a trend here?)! Tyler's oxygen remains the same (3/4 liters) and he too was taken off one medication, but was put on two new medications with breathing treatments! Yep, so now we are giving our big Lovie breathing treatments 4 times daily. He LOVES them - not. Poor guy probably thinks we're picking on him, while brother sleeps soundly in bed.

So we will see the doctor again tomorrow for a follow up for Tyler and for the boys RSV shots! We've been waiting 3 weeks for the Synagis to be authorized by our insurance company and sent to the doctor. It is is vital for the boys to get these shots - it doesn't prevent RSV but will help decrease the symptoms should they contract it. We've been told over and over again by EVERY doctor to remain at home this winter and avoid children, large crowds, and anybody with even a sniffle. It could prevent a hospital stay for the boys. We are taking this seriously and are avoiding visitors, which is sooo hard because so many people have supported us and the boys and I'd LOVE to show them off. That's why I think it's important to try to post pictures as much as we can - a little window into our growing miracles.

Below are some very cute pics of the boys...who are starting to smile! Yes, there are some darling pics of both boys smiling - too stinkin' cute! And in honor of daddy and his crazy obsession with the Cowboys, daddy and boys rutin' for their favorite team! In fact, John is going to Dallas to celebrate his 40th birthday (which is in January - ha ha). Last year for John's birthday, I gave him a trip to Dallas to see the Cowboys at Texas Stadium because this is supposedly the Cowboys last year playing in the stadium. He couldn't have predicted our crazy future, but I am MAKING John go on this trip. Three of the four guys on the trip have JUST had babies so these guys will be drinking and sleeping A LOT the next four days. LUCKY! Don't worry, I'll get my spa day soon enough!

Enjoy some new pics!

Tyler Blue Bear

Parker Blue Bear

One more trip to doctor - we are getting good at this!

The little guys are sooo good in the doctors office - they are just good babies.

Boys just hanging out and waiting to be checked! They weren't interested in the rattles AT ALL - they just stared at the medical equipment on the wall. Go figure...future docs maybe?

Blue Bears

What a good, smiley day for the boys! Here's Tyler smiling so sweet - but it looks like he's pushing brother! Ha ha...

Parker saying "hello!"

Tyler looking a little terrified - too stinkin' funny!

My fav...daddy got peed on!

Daddy Bonding

Daddy is just having too much fun with his little Cowboys fans!

Daddy & Parker

Parky is sooo interested! Snoooooooze!

Daddy & Tyler

"Not in the helmet again dad...I remember this from the NICU!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008


YES...THAT'S RIGHT...TYLER'S HOMECOMING! As in...Tyler came home! Today was the day...the day we waited for for 143 days...Tyler was discharged! Yep, lovie was doing so well eating and gaining weight, the docs decided that he was finally ready for the "real" world!

Today was an exciting, trying, tearful, jubilant, and long day. It started with Parker's eye exam - eeek! Because we can not take Parker into crowded waiting rooms, he and daddy stayed in the car while mommy checked him in. OMGoodness - the Ophthalmic office was over crowded and running behind. The assistant finally decided that it would easier to walk out to our vehicle to dialate Parker's eyes. When we finally went into the examination room, it had been over an hour! After poor Parker was traumatized, we dropped him off with Auntie and Grammie and left to pick up brother!

Today's discharge was MUCH better than Parker's in way of organization and preparation on the NICU's part. We walked into the room, packed up his personal items, went over paperwork, changed Ty into his "going home" outfit, said some VERY tearful good-byes to nurses, and boogied on out of there. What a surreal moment...walking out of the NICU and knowing we wouldn't return. Or at least IF we return it'll be on OUR terms - ha ha! Maybe a visit in the Spring, after RSV season.

Happiness ensued when Tyler entered the house and we put the boys in the co-sleeper together. Tooo stinkin' cute! We can't wait for the many many memories that will be made in the Thompson household. Watching them together after all of this time was a joyous, tearful jubilation! It's here! It ACTUALLY happened...both of our boys are HOME! Right where they belong.

Relief is what I felt as a ton of bricks just fell off my shoulders. Have I been holding my breath for 4 1/2 months? What a feeling! John and I are beyond elated and feel so very grateful for all of our family and friends - their on-going (what a ride) and un-stoppable support and love. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I can not begin to tell you how much I needed each one of you - yes, just your little note saying "hi" made my day. John and I will never be able to pay back the nurses who saved the boys lives (yes, the UCD nurses are the MOST amazing women you'll ever meet)! They will be with us forever in memory and in the stories [diaper cozies, Chocolate Cake Monday, Allison's "shifting" technique, Mummified Tyler - to name a few] we will tell the boys as they grow up. Especially Monique, Allison, Cathy and Mary...the boys will definitely know them by name!

I know some people are afraid that we will stop posting on the blog - ha ha! It is amazing how many people ended up following our story - we are so touched. We promise to periodically update the blog, but as I've found out the last two weeks, babies are a handful! Ha ha...no, really? And with two, I think our journey will resemble "Mr. Toads Wild Ride"!

Until next time...now go enjoy the pics below!


Parky decided that he would wait in anticipation for brother in his "go home" outfit. Gotta represent, right?

Tyler was still wearing garb from his hearing test when we arrived. He passed - good news!

Look at that chunkanella!

"Yo Yo Yo...just sportin' my 'going home' outfit!"

"I make this look good!"

"Slap me five for my discharge!"

The Ride

Buckle up for safety little guy...don't worry, daddy's got your back!

Load up the O2 and let's go!

Tyler love slept the entire way home...such a good boy!

Brothers Together Forever

Brothers together again - what a moment!

Two little Cowboys fans - ha ha!

First Dilemna...what to do when both boys are fussing? Hum...

This was such a nice moment for me...didn't last long, but it was nice while it lasted!

Here's to MANY more moments like this!
Whew...now let's just take a moment and reflect on how grateful we are for the wonderful miracle of life! Our lives are changed FOREVER!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let Me Outta Here!

"Help! This NICU is holding me hostage!"

"If I have to watch this mobile go around ONE MORE TIME...!"

"I know I can score a shovel somewhere and dig my way outta here!"
Okay, so Tyler is obviously STILL in the NICU! Talk about trying time for all of us - we just want him HOME! Well, we finally figured out WHAT was affecting Tyler's eating. By accident we figured out that he doesn't like the fortifier that is put in my breast milk (it gives him the extra calories he needs to gain weight)! He refuses to drink it and thus, is not making his minimum intake amount by bottle. When we found out we immediately had him moved over to formula feeding and he miraculously started bottling again. It was like magic! So...we're finally getting closer to Tyler coming home - AGAIN. I don't want to say when because it's really unknown, but John and I are hoping to see the little guy before 150 days in the NICU minimally. Good grief - that's not much to ask for, is it?
Besides his feeding, Tyler is just a good boy. He is ready to come home and we are anxious to take him out of there. Do you think they'd notice if his HUGS tag sort of fell off? ;o) hee hee...

ODing Parker

Well we had QUITE a scare today! We found out the Pharmacy mis-marked one of Parker's medicines and instead of giving him a dose twice/day, he was given his med at EVERY feed! Yes, he was receiving this medicine around 8 times/day instead of twice a day - can you BELIEVE it? We JUST about died when we found out what happened and were relieved it wasn't our Pediatrician's fault because we really like him. Luckily the GI Specialist concluded that he was fine and no "permanent" damage was done (at least we hope not)! So my morning was pretty tear-filled as I waited for the doctor to get back to me on the ramifications of our over-dose. What a flippin' nightmare! What if this had been a different medication and more damage had been done? Poor Parker has had terrible abdominal pains lately and we think it may have been due to his over dose. Good grief...we've come too far for THIS!
So, besides today's episode, Parker is doing REALLY well! He's gained a "normal" amount of weight, is making his feeding and diaper quota and is sleeping wonderfully (although not always through the night). He DOES miss his brother and is ready to share the co-sleeper. Look at all of this room!
Each day with Parker is a new adventure. I just love seeing his personality make it's way into the world. He is such a good baby too - we are so grateful! We can't wait to be a complete family when Tyler joins us!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bathtime for the Park!

Parker's first appointment with the pediatrician - he was SUCH a good boy!
Parker at home is a wonderful thing! We've had some wonderful bonding moments and he's become even more aware of mom and dad's voices.
Since Parker's discharge, a lot has happened. His oxygen was finally squared away two days AFTER discharge - can you believe it? Thankfully we had a tank large enough to get us through the 48 hours. We now have two HUGE oxygen tanks (I'll have to take pics of them - I mean they are gigantic) with 50 foot tubing so we can move around the house with the baby. It's hilarious! Besides the inconvenience of having him connected to something, the oxygen is working out just fine. I still get up periodically at night and check his cannula to make sure it's in his nose. I don't think that will change until he's off of it!
Our first doctor's appointment was great - Parker was a good boy and the doctor is super knowledgeable about micro-preemies because he did part of his residency at the UCD NICU. Yippee! We left the NICU with 3 prescriptions and after our visit with the pediatrician, now have 5 to manage. Parker's reflux was getting bad so he's been put on reflux meds again.
One good thing about having Parker home is being able to tell much easier if something is different or "out of the ordinary". We've noticed that Parker's gas issues and discomfort has is pretty bad and he wakes up periodically when sleeping because of gas pains. His new reflux meds help a little bit but he continues to have issue. The doctor suggested we change his fortifier to one without cow's milk and also suggested that I not drink ANY dairy products. Holy...how do you not eat dairy - ha ha! This is a big challenge for me - do you know how much food is dairy based? Anyway (it's not about me, I know), we've been trying to find this special formula that has the extra calories that Parker needs. We can't wait to see if makes a difference in his comfort level. And if he can't take my breast milk, the chances of Tyler being able to handle it are probably slim as well. Hum...months of pumping for not? We'll see...

So John and I feel terrible because after only five days home we had to take Parker BACK to the doctor! Yesterday I noticed that Parker's eye was VERY "goopy", resembling pink eye. We took him in yesterday and found out he has an infection in his eye. Poor guy! Prescription #6 on it's way! We have to put drops in his eyes every 4 hours now. So frustrating because we are being VERY careful with our hand washing and limiting our guests. The doctor again reiterated that NO ONE under 5 be in contact with the boys until after RSV season (April) and to limit groups of people. In fact, when we go to the doctors office we don't wait in the waiting room, instead we are immediately taken back into a patient room. The doctor doesn't want us waiting in areas with other sick people. We THINK we've been VERY good, but low and behold and infection has ensued. Doh!
Here are some pics of Parker's bath time. He loves a bath and not having the cannula in. What a cute boy! Enjoy...

"Yes, I know I'm cute!"

Tyler's Cave

Tyler's area was a little cool so the nurse put a blanket over his crib to warm up his area. He's got his only little cave. The pic is dark because it was taken at night, which is normally when I've been able to go see my little sweet guy.
Tyler has been a challenge to figure out. Last week when we were discharging Parker, we discussed bringing Tyler home a few days later. Well, since then the little guy's feeding has gotten so bad they had to reinsert his gavage tube. And yesterday was an all time low for the amount of food he would take via his bottle. This does not bode well not only for his discharge, but for his future feeding as well. We've been told that some babies take a long time to "get it" and he just needs time. BUT he "got it" and lost it, that's another story.
We've determined that he has reflux and in studying the symptoms of reflux, it looks to us that he is having a hard time eating because it hurts. He arches his back and refuses a bottle, even if he's hungry. This isn't a case of him not "getting it".
We've requested another feeding evaluation from their "expert" and are looking forward to a call from Tyler's primary resident who should be getting back to us with a "plan". There is NO reason why this almost 10 pound (yes, that's right almost 10) baby, who is going home on oxygen without problem, should be sitting in the NICU and not at home. Do I seem frustrated or what? Grrrr....
It's been the most challenging time to have Tyler in the NICU without his brother. It's different having one in and one out - an unfair situation, that's for sure!