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Tyler and Parker Thompson arrived on June 23, 2008 at only 26 weeks and 4 days old, weighing 1 pound 6 ounces (Parker) and 1 pound 10 ounces (Tyler). Parker spent 129 days (home 10/30/08) in the NICU, while brother Tyler spent 143 (home 11/13/08). We are thrilled to have our family complete with both boys home!

This blog was created by John (the daddy) to inform family and friends (and now new acquaintances) of the twins progression. Below is the blog archive dating back to the week Heather (the mommy) was admitted to the hospital. We try to post weekly updates, but on occasion the week gets the best of us.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Growing

So below you'll see some funny pictures of the boys in new outfits! Yes, I couldn't wait to put them in their cute new attire because they are soooo adorable, but also because the boys are outgrowing their preemie clothes! Yes, that's right, the boys are moving into newborn clothes! Last night John and I went through their many preemie outfits and donated 15 to the NICU. So everyone who's given us preemie clothes should be happy to know that other parents are going to enjoy finding their baby boys sporting DARLING outfits (with the name "Thompson" written in the collar - ha ha). I remember the first time I saw the boys in clothes - it was MAJOR! It made them look more like babies and less like patients. That was huge for me!

So, that leads us to the boys weights - now both over 6lbs! Parker hit 6 pounds, 1 ounce tonight, while Tyler stays in the lead at 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Their feeds also went up to 55 cc's for Tyler and 50 cc's for Parker. The fact that the boys can digest this amount of milk is a fabulous sign of good health!

Today was eye exam day - boo hoo! And like every eye exam day, the boys were wasted. The good news is that their test results were PERFECT! The stage 1 & 2 ROP in Parker's eyes resolved itself. Neither of the boys will need surgery! Yipppeeee! What a relief for us!

Of course with every celebration in the NICU comes a reality check. Tyler was put back on CPAP tonight. Poor little dude was just working too hard on his cannula and just couldn't get his respiratory rate to stay in the normal range. We're hoping that with a few days rest on the CPAP he will build the strength needed to remain on cannula. Once again that pesky CPAP barrier will impede my snuggling, but I realize it's for health's sake.

Now go get into the fall spirit and enjoy the pics below!


Ashley said...

The boys look adorable in their Halloween outfits! They're getting so big. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Just soooooo cute! Getting so big! Just loved their seasonal garb! Trick or treat!