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Tyler and Parker Thompson arrived on June 23, 2008 at only 26 weeks and 4 days old, weighing 1 pound 6 ounces (Parker) and 1 pound 10 ounces (Tyler). Parker spent 129 days (home 10/30/08) in the NICU, while brother Tyler spent 143 (home 11/13/08). We are thrilled to have our family complete with both boys home!

This blog was created by John (the daddy) to inform family and friends (and now new acquaintances) of the twins progression. Below is the blog archive dating back to the week Heather (the mommy) was admitted to the hospital. We try to post weekly updates, but on occasion the week gets the best of us.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Only the Facts

Not much to report, it's a good thing mommy's blogging tonight! Same cannula, same pressures, same oxygen levels, same 'ol, same 'ol! Not bad, it beats a step back for sure.

Parky was a bit cranky today, but once we had a good hold and patted out some gas, he was much better! In fact, he's actually doing very well on the cannula with only needing around 25-30% oxygen on 4 liters pressure. With oxygen and pressure needs like that, he'll be on low flow cannula in no time! As soon as that happens we start moving toward feeding. I heard it sometimes takes weeks for babies, especially those who've been on oxygen for a while, to learn how to "nipple". And some babies who've been intubated a long time (Parker) can have issues swallowing. So the sooner we can get Parky on board, the sooner he can have hernia surgery and then come home! It's all so connected!

Tyler went up to 5 liters on his cannula yesterday because he seemed to be struggling too much with 4 liters of pressure. Today he was on the same with his respiration periodically ringing high and oxygen in the mid to high 30's. The doctors said they'll consider putting him back on CPAP if his oxygen requirements increase into the 50's. I think Tyler is being a considerate brother and realizes that if he does too well, then he could come home before Parker, and he doesn't want that!

Overall it was a good day with my little lovies!

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